Training Classes

Training Classes

We will be offering training classes every 6-8 weeks! Inquire at the clinic for more information and to obtain an application! (320) 587-3161 You may also visit Animal Inspirations website for more details.     

Class Descriptions

Puppy Play Time:  Puppies 8-16 weeks of age are invited to attend and must be current on vaccines appropriate for age. Bring along a copy of vaccinations. Must have Distemper Combo series started and Bordetella is given. Introduce your puppy to new people, other puppies, obstacles, and toys and learn valuable puppy specific information, training, tips, and more!


When:  Due to COVID-19 we have postponed puppy playtime sessions.        


Training Classes Available:  All dogs will need to be current on their Distemper Combo, Bordetella and Rabies vaccinations prior to the start of classes with a copy of these vaccinations provided to be left with an instructor by the first night of classes.

Beginner Training Classes: This 6-week course will enhance your relationship with your dog as YOU learn to teach your dog the foundation skills necessary through positive training. Skills included:  Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walk on a loose lead and Leave It!  There is an emphasis on how to manage Impulse Control and Distraction Training every week! Bring the family!

Intermediate Level Classes:  This 6-week course will begin where the Beginner level classes left off adding in higher-level distraction training and impulse control exercises. This course will involve training around obstacles and an understanding of how to put these skills into practice when out in the community.  It is recommended to take the Beginner level course prior to taking this course. Bring the family!

Sensitive Dog Course:  This 6-week course is to help owners of dogs with challenging and undesirable behaviors. The classes are held every other week to offer sufficient time to get the new concepts and skills started before the next class. Sensitive dogs can react to situations adversely when they are scared. You will gain a better understanding of why your dog reacts the way they do and what you can do to better manage the different situations. You will learn how to desensitize and train your dog to be in the presence of what scares him yet remain calm. Dogs that have a bite history with any human or another dog/companion animal would not be appropriate candidates for this course. (Adults 18 years of age and older only in this course.)

Therapy Dog Course:  This 6-week course is designed to get you and your dog trained and ready as a team for Therapy Dog Interactions. This course will prepare you for any of the National Therapy Dog registries and provide information and exercises specific to working with a Therapy Dog. A Pet Partner evaluation can be held after the completion of the course based on the readiness of the course participants.

Kitty Classes:  This 3-week course is for owners only and involves providing you with the most current information on managing and training your feline companion from kittenhood through adult. Behavior, basic training, wellness, and environmental management are the highlights of this course. Bring the family!

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